Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obstacle Course Parts 1 and 2!

Here's some updated work, the final submissions I used for the first and second portion of Class 3, Advanced Body Mechanics. I'll try and post the first wave of blocking for Part 3 as I work on it this week, forgot to keep up with that.

Part 1, flipping around a high bar and vaulting a low log.

Part 2, navigating a couple of balance beams.

Looking at this now I'm already seeing much I'd tweak and do different, especially with Part 1. I hope to try and tie all 3 parts into one continuous shot, as was sort of the intention of the assignment design I think. I'll have to re-polish a bunch of these sections, as well as totally redesign the camera movement to better follow through, but I think it can work.

Part 3 is going to include a high and low log to get around, and a wall to climb. Should be pretty fun.