Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Demo Reel Online.

So I've put up a demo reel. I hope to make some quick changes to it, adding and removing content etc. You can view it in it's permanent location the link off to the right.

Monday, February 28, 2011

11 Second Club - February 2011 - Final Submission

And here is my fourth 11 Second Club entry.

Same description as the Youtube vid: Overall I think I did some ok work this month, but I'm missing a certain energy to the overall animation, especially on the female character. I'll have to see if I can rework things and fix some of the other issues and have it read better, I just feel like I may've gotten too distanced from the tone of the dialog with the pacing of the movements and her attitude. Next month!

Monday, February 14, 2011

11 Second Club Feb 2011 WIP

Just like the headline says, early pass on the Feburary 2011 11 Second Club entry. Garden State dialog. Weird body mechanics. Learning quite a bit about how to do a crazy bunch of movement, those arm arcs are paramount I think. Helps lead and also throw the weight around. First time using the Morpheus rig, it's pretty solid, still learning how to control the torso right though.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Final Reel

Well, here is my demo reel as it was at the end of Class 6 of Animation Mentor. This is not ready to send out to try and find work yet, merely to show where I was at the end of the class.

The first dialog shot needs extensive rework, most of the physical shots need a bunch of retooling, especially the bucket head sequence, and the final dialog shot needs some better lighting and a polish pass or two. I've got plenty of work ahead of me before I even start looking for work, and I need to keep some other projects going as well to start getting new and better material. But, here we are.

I think I'll put together a reel showing every last assignment done for Animation Mentor as well, that'd be nice to see.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Facial Study Assignment Final

First dialog assignment in "finished" form. May come back to this next class a bit more, but it's been done a few weeks now. Just now getting it up here.

Still feels a bit busy in the mouth, and it's pretty low key acting wise, but I think it comes across ok. Trying to be a bit more active/reactive on the current follow up assignment, which is a two character dialog piece.

What's up with alpha layers on export looking entirely screwy in the video thumbnails? Weird pink stuff, not there at all during playback!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Animation Exercise #3

Took a bit more time than I had hoped to get something new up, but here is my latest result. Worked very quickly on this one, only three sittings of not too long each. Did quite a bit in stepped, even keys here, and was able to move right into splined animation quite smoothly. Some wonkyness on the arms and little things here and there I could go back into, but want to just keep moving for now and get #4 going instead. I put a bit more into the face and hands here, though I messed up by jumping into the face too early and then changing the body timing around, it never quite recovered fully, but it's better than an unmoving dead head. Save the extremities for last, I suppose.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 Second Club June Entry

Well, managed to somewhat finish an entry for this months 11 Second Club competition. Don't expect to win any awards with this one, but it came about decently. Some really late changes to blocking, right down to the last day...and then I recalled that I hadn't done any lip syncing so I threw that in quick and dirty like. Ugh.

Some jerkyness and a few floaty bits, and the less said about the walk the better (not really, obvious issues, but I put most of my time into the guy on the left since he had more going on and I wanted to really sell his actions as much as I could). I think I was able to focus on trying to clarifying some ideas compared to my earlier passes, which had the seated character entirely spinning around at one point, as well as a bunch of messy little actions going on between poses. This accounted for many late changes but improved readability and just kept it a bit simpler. Learned a few things on how to set up a shot and work through it, as always. I'll report back here when the results are in from the voting. We'll see what sort of feedback it gets, hopefully more than "hey use the principles of animation more" or "this isn't great". July competition is a much more dramatic sound clip...should be interesting to work on, and really good acting practice.

I call it "Not That Kind of Jar". Includes sound.